Yuto Minami

Yuto Minami

Specially Appointed Assitant Professor

Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University


Yuto Minami is a researcher of particle physics experiment at the RCNP, Osaka Univ. His research interests include particle physics and cosmology. He is analyzing observed data of a neutrino-less double beta-decay experiment and studies read-out system for next generation detectors. He has been studying the calibration of polaization sensitive detectors for the cosmic microwave backgoud (CMB) experiments and has been developing a foreground removal method in the CMB experiments.


  • Particle physics
  • Cosmology


  • PhD in Physics, 2016

    The University of Tokyo

  • MSc in Physics, 2012

    The University of Tokyo

  • BSc in Physics, 2010

    The University of Tokyo



Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

Osaka University, Research Center for Nuclear Physics

2020-01-12 – Present Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan

Research topics include:

  • Development of read-out system of superconducting detectors
  • Analysis of observation data
  • Analysis of cosmology data
  • Foreground removal in CMB measurement

Postdoctoral Fellow

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

2019-15-01 – 2022-30-11 Tsukuba, Japan

Research topics include:

  • Analysis of cosmology data
  • Deployment of a telescope
  • Calibration of detectors


High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

2016-01-05 – 2019-15-01 Tsukuba, Japan

Research topics include:

  • Development of superconducting detectors
  • Calibration

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